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To All Our clients, Friends & Business Associates, we would like to bring to your attention that our social media Facebook page has been hacked into by our ex staff, Nur Siti Aisyah Binti Abdullah, of NRIC: SXXXX899A, who was terminated on 5 April 2020 for breach of trust (she runs a competing business while working for our company). We are at the moment seeking legal advice.


Notwithstanding, She has hacked into our Facebook account under HAO Immigration Consultancy and changed our contact number to 9868 6198 and e-mail address: to hers.


A company name JA.Consulting has taken over HAO Immigration Consultancy’s Instagram too. 

Our office contacts are as follows:
8879 0388 / 8809 6330 and email:

The matter has been reported and filed to the Singapore Police Force for further action and investigation. The Singapore Police Force has classified as criminal offense. On our part, we have gathered enough evidences to take the next course of actions.

HAO Immigration Consultancy has no other contact information except for the above.  Attached is the police report filed for reference.

We thank you and apologise for this matter.

Raymond Ng
Director of HAO Immigration Consultancy/HAO Services & Consultancy.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-04-10 at 10.09.49 PM
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