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Who is HAO?

HAO Immigration Consultancy is a Singapore-based immigration consultancy company providing extensive and comprehensive immigration services to cater to the demands and needs of today’s professions and individuals. 


HAO Immigration Consultancy has prided itself as a professional and solutions-driven approach company. Unlike other companies that can promise high percentage rate of approval, HAO focus on deriving swift and effective immigration solutions in a time-sensitive environment, and building a strong base of serving its customer, hereby establishing long-term and genuine relationships.

Our Vision

Be the "Salt" and "Light" of the city, transforming lives in a city of nations. 

Our Mission

Providing sound advice on immigration application so that "Light" is seen at the end of services. 

We WALK the TALK & We Deliver Our

'A.B.C.D.E.' Recipes

Our approach to each customer in the simplest form is to have the right mindset of understanding each of theirs' needs and helping them to solve their problem. It's their appreciation on our works that motivate us daily to soar to a new greater height.

100% Appreciate

By being responsive to our client's needs.

100% Belief

By establishing our client's trust and confidence in our works.

100% Commitment

By obliging and engaging our client with faith in their case.

100% Dedication

By being completely and wholeheartedly devote to our client's case.

100% Enthusiasm

By being ardent and passionate in handling our client's case.

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